New video capture studio Dimension opens doors in London

Facility capable of creating content for virtual and mixed reality, as well as games and film

A new studio has launched in London that offers developers access to volumetric and 3D video caputre.

Dimension is the result of a partnership between Digital Catapult and Hammerhead, and is based in South London. It is modelled on Microsoft's own mixed reality capture studio in Redmond, Washington and a similar facility in San Francisco.

Using Microsoft research as a basis, the studio specialises in capturing video footage for use in augmented, virtual and mixed reality. Dimension features 106 cameras to capture content from every possible angle, although its setup can also be used for traditional 2D video.

The company is hoping to work with leading firms across the games industry and other creative sectors like TV and film, as well as broader industries such as fashion, health and education. It is already working with Sky VR on a project.

Hammerhead is the first studio to licence Microsoft's mixed reality capture technology, a partnership with Microsoft is no doubt part of the corporation's increased efforts in the virtual and mixed reality spaces.

Microsoft released its first VR headsets in collaboration with leading manufacturers such as Acer, Dell and HP earlier this year, and is still working on its hotly anticipated HoloLens device. Having been slower than the likes of Oculus, HTC and even PlayStation to enter the virtual reality space, it seems to be positioning this as a key pillar of its business going forward.

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