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Nintendo Switch passes 2 million US sales

Console was the best-selling games device in America for third consecutive month, according to NPD data

Nintendo has confirmed it has sold more than 2m units of the Switch in the United States.

The platform holder also cited findings by the NPD Group, announcing Switch was the top-selling console in the United States for the third consecutive month - and the fifth since it first launched seven months ago.

Nintendo originally aimed to sell 10m units by the end of the financial year, but recent estimates suggest it could sell up to 20m - particularly now the firm is producing 2m units per month to send to retail. This announcement pushed the firm's shares to a ten-year high.

Worldwide sales were most recently reported at 4.7m by the end of June. Last month it was confirmed 1.5m units have been sold in Japan.

Nintendo reports NPD also shows Switch exclusives among September's best-selling games, led by Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as the seventh biggest title of the month. Zelda: Breath of the Wild came in at No.10, followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe at No.11.

3DS had its own smash hit in the form of Metroid: Samus Returns, the eighth best-selling game of the month.

Nintendo also claimed it accounted for two out of every three hardware sale in the US throughout September, thanks to the combined performance of Switch, 3DS and the newly-launched SNES Classic Edition.

With a strong line-up ready for the console's first crucial Christmas - starting with next week's hotly-anticipated Super Mario Odyssey, followed by Skyrim, Doom, LA Noire and more next month - the Switch could be on track to surpass the original 10m target by the end of the year.

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Richard Browne Head of External Projects, Digital Extremes3 years ago
Now they’ve started shipping again this number should rise rapidly. They’re actually pretty well stocked across retail, I suspect that will change from the Mario launch onward. Have advised all US friends to grab one while they can.
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