Xbox head says cross-platform talks with Sony go nowhere

Sony "should talk about what their view is," says Spencer

Cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation isn't looking any more likely based on recent comments from head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Spencer told Gamespot that Xbox speaks with Sony constantly, but never finds itself any closer to an agreement.

"We talk to Sony all the time. With Minecraft on PlayStation, we have to be one of the biggest games on their platform in terms of sales and gameplay," Spencer said.

Sony has commented on the lack of cross-platform play in the past, but Spencer said that the company should be more transparent, citing Xbox's positive relationship with Nintendo.

"The relationship with Nintendo on this front has been strong," he said. "They've been great supporters and we continue to collaborate with them. But I think Sony's view is different. They should talk about what their view is..."

Jim Ryan from Sony Interactive Entertainment has previously said that Sony doesn't have a "profound philosophical stance" against cross-platform play, and that it's a "commercial discussion between ourselves and other stakeholders."

While PlayStation has allowed cross-platform play with the PC on Final Fantasy XIV, it has refused to take similar steps with any titles also on Xbox.

"I have a real struggle making comments about their motivation or timelines. I know there is a certain view that says if my friends have this console, they can't play with people who buy another console. That's a reason they go buy my console," said Spencer.

"That reason is not going to go away. So we're putting Minecraft out there as one of the biggest games on any platform and allowing people to play together regardless of what device they bought. I don't think everybody is taking that same approach to the ecosystem. So I'm never going to call anything a lost cause but I think some of the fundamental reasons and certain scenarios, they're not really going away. So I don't know what would change."

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Sony doesn’t even support UltraViolet in their own store, and they won’t support movies anywhere. Sony Pictures has a huge stake in both. The game division doesn’t share its toys, even with its brothers
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