Oculus wants to replace your computer monitor

New Core 2.0 update introduces Dash 3D overlay for computing

A number of people in technology have talked about virtual reality becoming the next computing paradigm. Oculus is now taking a step towards that ambitious goal with its Core 2.0 software update for the Oculus Rift. Nate Mitchell, head of Rift, explained on the stage at Oculus Connect that Core 2.0 rebuilds the whole Rift experience with Touch in mind.

The entire Oculus interface is being replaced with a 3D overlay system called Dash, which can be opened at any time and within any app. "Dash completely streamlines complex functions... [it] unlocks the full power of your PC," Mitchell said. "The possibilities for multitasking with your PC are endless. We're now on a path to replacing traditional monitors entirely."

In addition to the Dash interface, Oculus has specifically overhauled the Oculus Home experience for when you first boot up your Rift on your PC. Home is essentially becoming a more social, shared space. You'll be able to customize and explore, and create a space with furniture, toys, works of art, etc. You can even display your game achievements on the virtual walls. Mitchell also boasted about the space's state-of-the-art lighting powered by Unreal Engine. He said it's going to be easy to hang out with friends in Home, clearly moving in the social VR direction that parent company Facebook is aiming for.

The Core 2.0 beta will be available for free this December.

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