GameStop subsidiary EB Games trials pre-owned subscription

"Swap 'n' Play" is priced at $19.95 AUD a month, allows unlimited access to pre-owned stock

GameStop subsidiary EB Games is trialling a new service that will allow customers to play any pre-owned game in stock for a flat, monthly fee.

At present, the "Swap 'n' Play" service is only available in South Australia, where, for $19.95 AUD a month, subscribers can select any pre-owned game in stock, play it, and then swap it for another as many times as they wish.

According to Press Start, the service initially only applied to used games priced at $50 AUD and under, but EB Games subsequently lifted that restriction. To put that in perspective, a pre-owned copy of Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy is available on EB's website for $58, so the offer now applies even to relatively new releases.

"We created Swap 'n' Play to add value for our regular customers, especially parents," EB said in a statement. "Over school holidays it's not unusual for families to be in and out our doors finding new games to play. Swap 'n' Play allows for a hassle-free and more affordable shop.

"The service is for our EB World members and is entirely receipt-free. It's just $19.95 a month and after 2 months customers can cancel at any time."

The company noted the the "positive feedback" it received from the community almost immediately, but at this time there are no plans to roll it out elsewhere in Australia or worldwide.

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