Creative Assembly tackles "skills shortage" with ELAM partnership

Game Design course at East London Arts and Music has a curriculum designed and taught in partnership with the UK studio

Creative Assembly aims to tackle the UK's "skills shortage" by partnering with East London Arts and Music on a new Game Design course.

The two-year BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma course will be part of ELAM's 16-19 Academy, and the curriculum will cover a variety of essential disciplines involved in game creation: programming, art, mechanics and sound, which will be taught in tandem with mentoring, masterclasses and workshops from Creative Assembly's staff.

ELAM, which was rated "outstanding" in all areas by Ofsted, has similar partnerships with Universal Music and Abbey Road Studios for music education. According to ELAM principal Charlie Kennard, the end goal is, "raising the standard of undergraduates before they go to university."

It is also committed to diversity, with a student body comprising 25% from disadvantaged backgrounds and more than 70% from a BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) background.

"As a leader in the UK games industry we are committed to educating the future games development talent of tomorrow, and driving innovation through diversity," said Tim Heaton, studio director at Creative Assembly, in a statement.

"ELAM is working to address the shortfall in the UK's creative skills shortage and we look forward to sharing our expertise that come with 30 years of making world-class games to help them achieve this."

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Could be interesting to see how it works out. Certainly the need for home grown talents is the viable long term approach for our games industry sector
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