Hutch opening Nova Scotia studio

UK motorsports developer opens Canadian office to increase output, tap new talent pool

UK-based mobile race game developer Hutch is expanding to Canada. The studio behind Hot Wheels: Race Off and Race Kings today announced that it is opening its first overseas office in Nova Scotia.

The company gave a number of reasons for the expansion, saying it will allow Hutch to up its output, broaden capabilities, and access a new talent pool rich in both gaming and technology specialists. Though it was not specifically mentioned, Nova Scotia also advertises a 41.25% digital media tax credit.

At first, the Nova Scotia office will be a software engineering shop, but could expand its responsibilities in the future.

"We've moved up a gear and the expansion will support the various projects currently in the works, allowing us to accelerate our development process and tap into a wealth of local talent," Hutch CEO Shaun Rutland said. "This expansion of capabilities will see us bring a number of new titles to market, keeping our racing loving fans fueled with new and exciting games."

The new office will be headed up by Hutch CTO and co-founder Sean Turner. Prior to helping found the company in 2011, Turner spent more than seven years in technical roles with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and another eight years with Criterion Games, where he served as a technical lead.

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Anthony Gowland Director, Ant Workshop2 years ago
Great to hear - Hutch are a lovely bunch of folks, they deserve the success.
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Graham McAllister Director, Player Research2 years ago
Well done Shaun and team, great news.
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