Fig's first funded game released sees 100% return on investment

Investors in Kingdoms and Castles have doubled their money in just a couple weeks after launch

In a first for crowdfunding history, Fig has announced today that its first funded game to be released, Kingdoms and Castles by Lion Shield, has already earned a 100% return for its investors just two weeks after its launch. Lion Shield's medieval city builder generated $1m in sales during its two weeks after release, and Fig said the title earned enough money in 48 hours to cover initial investments.

Investments in the game took place back in January. Investors can continue to expect revenue generated to be shared for up to the next three years.

"Fig takes the best instincts of the community and combines them with a publishing model that gives control back to the developers and the fans that believe in their projects - today we proved that community publishing is a successful way to launch a video game," said Justin Bailey, CEO and founder of Fig. "By sharing the commercial success of a specific project with supporters, community publishing shifts the focus from that of just successfully funding games to instead focus on the successful development and commercial viability of the titles. "

Fig has been made possible thanks to the SEC's Regulation A of the JOBS Act, which allows non-accredited investors to support game development by actually purchasing shares as opposed to the traditional crowdfunding model of just backing a title and hoping things will work out for the game you're interested in supporting.

Fig said that since its launch in fall of 2015, it's hosted three of the top four video game crowdfunding campaigns across all crowdfunding sites. Some other notable projects on Fig include inXile's Wastelands 3, Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, and Double Fine's Psychonauts 2.

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Ian Bell Head of Studio, Slightly Mad Studios2 years ago
Well done. But with respect, this isn't a first in crowd funding history. That would be Project CARS and our WMD system. It started paying returns over 2 years ago and members have passed 350% in returns thus far.
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Thomas Bidaux CEO, ICO Partners2 years ago
@Ian Bell: Or Train Fever with Gambitious. Investors broke even in 2 weeks back in 2014 from what I could find.
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