BioWare once again to be led by Casey Hudson

Three years after leaving, Hudson is back to serve as GM as Aaryn Flynn departs the studio

BioWare is in the midst of working on its new IP Anthem, unveiled at E3, and now it will do so under new, yet familiar leadership. General Manager Aaryn Flynn announced today that he'll be gone by the end of the month, but an old face - Casey Hudson - is returning to the developer to take over the GM role. Flynn has been at BioWare for 17 years and has been instrumental in helping the renowned studio create numerous RPG titles.

He did not say what would be next. "I have been contemplating changes in my own life for some time," Flynn wrote, "but when I heard that Casey had confirmed he was up for the task, I realized the opportunities before us. I will be working with him over the next couple of weeks to help catch him up and do my part to set him up for success to be the best GM he can be."

Hudson was an executive producer at BioWare, having been with the studio for 16 years until he decided to leave for a "much needed break" three years ago. He went on to work at Microsoft with Kudo Tsunoda on HoloLens, but the appeal of "coming home" to BioWare was too great it seems.

"I needed some time off, needed a bit of change, and wanted to get involved in the new wave of disruptive technologies that were emerging," he said on the BioWare blog.

"The last few years have been transformative for me, from having time to reflect on what I most want to do, to working with new technologies at platform scale. And now, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to return to lead BioWare - a studio that I think of as home.

"I'd also like to wish my good friend Aaryn Flynn the very best in the future. Aaryn and I have worked together from the earliest days of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, to setting the foundation for Anthem. We've been through a lot together, and we're all going to miss his presence at the studio.

"I think I speak for everyone who has worked with Aaryn - and our fans - when I say thank you for everything. BioWare continues to hold a special magic - full of profoundly talented people, and an inspiring creative energy. When I look at the stunning progress Aaryn and the team has made with Anthem, and the other projects in the works, I truly believe our best is yet to come."

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