Oculus' Callum Underwood joins Raw Fury

Indie publisher adds another experienced name

Oculus' senior developer of strategy Callum Underwood has joined indie publisher Raw Fury.

Underwood has spent almost three and a half years at the VR firm in various developer relation roles, having joined the company from Intel.

He is the latest in a number of recognisable faces at Raw Fury, which includes former DICE CEO Karl Magnus Troedsson, Battlefield producer Gordon Van Dyke, Paradox's David Martinez and former Destrucoid head Hamza Aziz. The company is headed by Jonas Antonsson. To hear more about them, check out our interview.

Underwood says his role at Raw Fury will involve finding, funding and shipping indie games.

"Raw Fury are probably 1% of the size of Oculus in terms of team size," he wrote on his blog. "I'll be able to irritate everyone at the company at once, and that very much appeals to me. I didn't even realise I wanted to join them until I had lunch with the CEO, Jonas, at GDC. We spent the whole time waxing lyrical about state of the industry, how people should treat each other, how publishers should treat devs, how we're all as fucked up as each other, no matter our position or company we work for.

"I came out of that lunch with a smile on my face. I knew I had found my next home. Also they published Gonner and Kingdom... if you've played those games, I need say no more. My plan is to help them find the next pieces to that growing tapestry of games. I'll be scouting out games, funding them, helping indies, and generally doing what I love best."

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