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Rocket League passes 33m players

Second anniversary stats show daily average of 1.6m, with PS4 still the dominant platform

Psyonix has released updated statistics for the lifetime performance of Rocket League to market the popular game's second anniversary.

An infographic on the title's website shows more than 33m people have played Rocket League to date. Together, they have played more than 1.5bn matches and scored almost 7bn goals.

Looking specifically at the past twelve months, Psyonix reports an average daily of 1.6m players, with 3.3m playing weekly and 6.1m enjoying the game every month.

PlayStation 4 has continued to be the platform of choice over the last year, accounting for 41% of users. Xbox One followed with 32%, leaving Steam with 27%. PlayStation, of course, kickstarted the smash hit with Rocket League enjoying a surge of popularity after being included as a free game for a month.

The game was announced for Nintendo Switch at E3 last month, with a free-to-play version in the works for China. And despite already having a huge instalbase digitally, the retail version has performed well and added another 1m sales to Psyonix's achievements. The title has even been the centre of efforts to enable cross-platform multiplayer between the various home consoles.

Psyonix also included viewing figures for matches on Twitch. Since the game first launched, more than 35m have tuned in to watch the game in action, racking up a total viewing time of 5,375 years. Footage has been streamed by just under 630,000 content creators.

In the post containing the infographic, the studio's VP Jeremy Dunham said Rocket League's second year had been even more successful than its first one, and promised more substantial updates and new content to come.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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