Vicon acquires IMeasureU

Motion capture firm drops undisclosed sum on purchase of interial tracker manufacturer

Oxford, UK - 27 June 2017 - Vicon, the motion capture (mocap) technology specialist for the entertainment, engineering, virtual reality and life science industries, has announced the acquisition of IMeasureU. Fusing wearable technology sensors and proprietary software, IMeasureU has developed a high-fidelity motion measurement system that enables researchers, coaches and elite athletes to benefit from data-driven performance insights.

Rationale for the acquisition
Vicon has been tracking Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) technology closely for several years, and this acquisition enables Vicon to accelerate product release plans in this fast-growing and attractive sector. A natural extension of the Vicon product suite, the data produced by IMeasureU's IMU sensors can be integrated with, and analysed through, Vicon's existing end-user applications.

IMeasureU bolsters Vicon's position as a strong and profitable market leader in movement and tracking technology, adds a new growth dimension, expands Vicon's markets in existing verticals and offers clear cross-selling opportunities to existing customers.

IMeasureU products and markets
Founded in 2013 and based in Auckland, New Zealand, IMeasureU has developed a motion measurement system based on fusing IMUs with proprietary software to provide high-fidelity movement and workload data. These wearable sensors are lightweight and small, enabling researchers to monitor and manage a person's recovery following an injury.

IMeasureU has two core business lines, IMU-Research and IMU-Step. Both business lines apply the same technology but target different markets. IMU-Research is well-established, selling systems to researchers in the life sciences, entertainment and engineering sectors where Vicon is already a market leader. IMeasureU and Vicon share several clients, including Harvard University, and there are clear and immediate applications for the technology right across Vicon's client base.

IMU-Step is focused on the elite sports market, and assists in the rehabilitation of injured players. By attaching IMU sensors to the injured player, sports scientists and coaches can track the strain an athlete is under throughout rehabilitation. This enables better management of the player's training regime and ultimately minimises the time taken to return from injury.

The acquisition of IMeasureU gives customers added flexibility and opens up a greater variety of motion measurement applications - providing a relatively low-cost way to measure a person's movements. As no additional camera equipment is required, data can be captured outdoors and researchers can monitor multiple subjects at the same time outside of a laboratory environment.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mark Finch, founder of IMeasureU, said: "It has always been at the core of IMeasureU's philosophy to strive for excellence and precision. This is why the team is extremely excited about joining forces with Vicon, the market leader in motion capture technology. The two companies complement each other perfectly and we are excited about combining our expertise to drive global growth and innovation."

Imogen Moorhouse, CEO of Vicon Motion Systems, said: "The acquisition of IMeasureU is an exciting step forward for Vicon. The core IMeasureU technology broadens Vicon's market appeal and also provides benefits to many of our existing customers. The ability to measure outside of the laboratory combined with the opportunity to add inertial measurements to optical tracking will enable new ways of working within the Vicon environment. As always, this will be backed up by our world-leading customer support."

Moorhouse continued: "In addition, IMU-Step not only enables growth in the exciting area of elite sports but in other vertical applications where a lower-cost measurement system provides the most relevant data. The company culture at IMeasureU is a natural fit with Vicon's and we're really looking forward to working with Mark and the IMeasureU team."

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