What did we think of E3 2017? New Podcast out now

From Xbox One X to a teary Michel Ancel, we discuss the highs, lows, surprises and disappointments of the past week

The LA Convention Center has closed its doors to the games industry for another year, but the discussions started by E3 will rage for weeks to come. Case in point, our newest podcast is available to download now.

Matthew Handrahan, Chris Dring and James Batchelor get together to discuss this year's biggest reveals, the major press conferences, the impact of a higher consumer attendance and the best moments of E3 2017.

The discussion touches on the commercial potential for some of the biggest surprises from the week, the challenges particular publishers face, the hype around Xbox One X, the pressure on Nintendo Switch, the baffling showing by PlayStation and more.

You can listen to the latest episode below, subscribe to our RSS feed, or download the file directly here. It is also available via iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Overcast, Player FM, TuneIn and other widely-used podcast platforms. Our previous episodes can also be found here.

If you're interested in appearing on the show or would like to hear us tackle a certain topics, send any suggestions to

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Jordan Lund Columnist 9 months ago
I'm not familiar with Game, but Gamestop's problems have been self inflicted.

Remember the story a while back talking about how new game sales dropped at GameStop? There was a direct reason for that... the chain started penalizing employees for failing to sell used games. So what they did was start telling people asking for new games "Yeah, sorry, we're sold out of that..."

That way their used game statistics didn't take a hit and they didn't get heat from the corporate chain.

Brilliant. Just a brilliant decision.
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