PlayStation sponsoring London Pride 2017

“This is not some kind of corporate step. It means a lot to us”

PlayStation has revealed it will sponsor this year's London Pride, the annual festival that celebrates diversity, inclusivity and the LGBT community.

The platform holder will be hosting a series of events and promotions using the hashtag #forALLthegamers, Eurogamer reports, announcing the sponsorship deal via Twitter.

The move has been praised by consumers and various members of the industry, including Xbox's Graeme 'AceyBongos' Boyd.

Sadly, there have been detractors but this hasn't dampened the spirits of PlayStation UK's social media manager Eric Whelan, who elaborated on the motivation behind this partnership.

"Been off the grid for a few days," he tweeted. "Came back to incredible response to our #ForALLthePlayers news. And of course, the bigoted responses...

"We've been working on this for about eight months, so it's a big deal.

"#Pride2017 is the best place to show PlayStation's inclusivity. And... it's not just some kind of corporate step. #ForALLthePlayers is a project of the UK team and PSEU's LGBT group, so it means a lot to us."

In response to another Twitter user's queries, Whelan also urged people to "watch our channels closer to the big day", implying surprise activities are in the works.

London Pride 2017 will see various events held across the city for two weeks, starting on Saturday, June 24th and ending with the annual parade on Saturday, July 8th.

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