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And introducing the E3 Awards will be reporting live from Los Angeles in just over a week, and we're rolling out new daily email briefings especially for the show.

You can sign up to receive them right here.

The E3 Daily Briefing will go out every morning (LA time), and feature a written analysis from one of our market-leading journalists based on the previous day's developments. Each email will also contain a rundown of the biggest and most important stories, and a selection of not-to-be-missed E3 events.

The aim is to deliver the essential news, opinion and interviews directly into your inboxes, in what will surely be the media event of the year.

The first Briefing goes out Sunday, June 11th and will run every day until Friday, June 16th. The Friday edition will be our inaugural E3 Awards, which will highlight technical innovation, marketing activity, launch execution and more. We will also feature two special reader-voted prizes - Developers' Game Of the Show and Retailers' Game of the Show.

The Briefings will replace our usual Daily Newsletters for one week only. If you'd like to receive the E3 Daily Briefings, make sure to sign up for free here.

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 9 months ago
There's no sign up option for the E3 briefings, just the four normal email links at the bottom of our profile page.
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