Alan Wake to be removed from sale over music licenses

Renewal is not "in Remedy's hands" due to Microsoft publishing deal, so the revered game will be pulled from PC and Xbox today

Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake will be removed from sale on console and PC today due to music licensing issues.

The use of licensed music was a distinctive feature of Alan Wake, with tracks from artists like Roy Orbison, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, David Bowie and Harry Nilsson used to at the end of each chapter and in the game itself. However, according to Remedy, the music licenses only lasted for seven years, and the complexity of resolving the situation means that the game must be removed from sale indefinitely.

Those who already own Alan Wake will still be able to play - the retail version will still run, and digital owners will be able to re-download it - but today is potentially the last chance to purchase it for the first time. As a sweetener, Remedy launched a 48-hour "Sunset Sale," in which its price was cut by 90% on Steam.

In a flurry of questions that followed the announcement on Twitter, the Finnish developer said it had no control over its pricing on the Xbox store and - only Steam.

Other Twitter users enquired about possible solutions to the problem, including a patch or update that would replace the problematic songs. However, Remedy made it clear that doing so was "massively more complex" than the question implies.