Execution Labs wraps up with fund "fully deployed"

Indie incubator has a portfolio of 19 active studios; Jason Della Rocca, Keith Katz and support team are all moving on

Execution Labs will not be making any more investments, according to co-founder Jason Della Rocca. With the indie incubator's fund now "fully deployed," the Execution Labs founders and support team will all be moving on to new projects.

Writing in a post on Facebook, Della Rocca reflected on the "intense and inspiring" experience of running Execution Labs since its foundation in 2012. It was, he said, "a crazy idea from the start, and we had no clue if doing early stage investing and providing hands-on support would enable entrepreneurial game developers to flourish."

There are now 19 active studios that Execution Labs has supported, all of which are working on games and products. With the fund now completely invested, Della Rocca said that he, his co-founder Keith Katz, and the support team will be moving on, though both Della Rocca and Katz will continue to assist Execution Labs' portfolio of studios - "at a strategic (and sometimes tactical) level," he added.

"At a time when the game business has been evolving constantly, I have learned as much as I've mentored," Della Rocca continued. "I am thankful to all the teams for the amazing experiences we have shared together. And, a special thank you to all the investors, mentors, publishers, and partners who believed in what we were doing and played a role in helping us succeed over the years."

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Sean Kauppinen Founder & CEO, IDEA9 months ago
Good luck to Jason, Keith and the Execution companies. I hope the portfolio generates a healthy return for the investors and everyone has much success in the future.
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Keith Katz Co-Founder & Head of Business, Execution Labs9 months ago
@Sean Kauppinen: Thanks Sean for the kind words!
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