Green Man Gaming launches retail website in Germany

Retailer says big focus is to create more localised websites


Green Man Gaming launches eCommerce website in Germany is the first local language site for the video games retailer

London, UK, 3 March 2017 - Green Man Gaming, a global e-commerce technology company in the video games industry, has officially launched its first local language eCommerce website in Germany - A major focus for the company this year is to offer its global customer base the best user experience through the launch of dedicated websites in key markets, serving customers in their local languages, currencies and favourite payment methods.

Green Man Gaming currently offers gamers from over 190 countries a wide range of multi-platform digital video games including PC, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo. Building on its market leading technology platform with robust fraud detection and payment security, innovative customer offers and a wide multi-platform game catalogue, the company will be rolling out localised eCommerce websites in key markets as part of its 2017 strategy.

From today, customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be able to shop for their favourite games easily and quickly in German using their preferred payment methods such as Sofortüberweisung. The new website will also feature game information and special offers for local customers.

"Launching our first dedicated local language website in Germany demonstrates our commitment to become a truly global digital retailer in the video games industry. Millions of customers around the world love Green Man Gaming and our internal data has shown particularly strong demand and revenue from customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This data driven strategy has given us the confidence to launch a dedicated German language website and kick off our plans to introduce more local language websites in 2017," said Paul Sulyok, CEO and Founder of Green Man Gaming.

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