Humble Bundle launches multiplatform publishing business

Bundling firm says publishing is the “next logical step” in the evolution of its offering

Developers will soon be able to get their games funded and published by the team at Humble Bundle as the firm expands its services.

The company will publish games by its developer partners under the label "Presented by Humble Bundle", with GamaSutra reporting that it's seeking new developers and games to work with. The firm also hopes to release games on multiple platforms.

The seven games signed so far - which include A Hat In Time, HackyZack, Ikenfell, Keyboard Sports, No Truce with the Furis, Scorn and Staxel - are currently heading to a mixture of PC, Mac and Linux, but Humble Bundle is also looking for console and mobile titles to publish.

This will not be a one-size-fits-all publishing operation. Humble's publishing lead John Polson says developers will be able to choose which services Humble Bundle helps them with when it comes to releasing their games.

"Since Humble's launch in 2010, we have earned the trust of over 10m customers across our products," he said. "In a time when it's harder than ever for games to find their audience, publishing feels like the next logical step in the services that we can offer to our developer partners."

While it's harder than ever for games to get discovered, independent developers increasingly have more choice than ever when it comes to the number of companies offering indie publishing services. is doing its own part in connecting studios with potential publishers and other services with its new Meet The Indies event at EGX Rezzed in March.

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While I find lots of humor in a publisher's BD person being named Poison, It's John Polson, not John Poison, guys.

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