GameStop, Target deny cancelled Switch reservations

[UPDATE] Both retailers have now dismissed reports of allocation shortages, asking customers with issues to contact them

A Nintendo Today report of Nintendo Switch pre-orders being cancelled by GameStop has prompted the retailer to issue a clear denial. Responding to a request for comment, a spokesperson for the company indicated there was no need for those who reserved the system to expect a pending cancellation.

"GameStop has not, and is not, cancelling any Nintendo Switch pre-orders due to allocation issues," the representative said. "We are working very closely to confirm and validate any and all pre-orders of this innovative gaming system. Should any customer who pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch console from GameStop experience any issue with their order, we encourage them to contact our Guest Care team so we can help resolve the issue."

The company's Guest Care team can be reached through its website.

The Nintendo Today article is sourced in a number of reports making the rounds, but the site's own story attributes the information as "according to reports," with no further sourcing given.

A My Nintendo News article reporting that US retailer Target is cancelling Switch pre-orders due to allocation issues is also circulating today, based on a reader's news tip to the site.

[UPDATE]: A Target representative responded to a request for comment, saying, "Target has not cancelled any pre-orders for Nintendo Switch due to inventory allocations. Customers who have questions about their Nintendo Switch pre-order should contact Target Guest Relations at 1-800-440-0680."

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Latest comments (3)

Jordan Lund Columnist 2 years ago
Both statements are incredibly cleverly worded:

"due to inventory allocations"

Which implies orders have, in fact, been cancelled but for other reasons.

Let's hope someone follows up and finds out why they might be cancelled if not for inventory issues.
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Bob Johnson Studying graphics design, Northern Arizona University2 years ago
IT's funny Gamestop and Target are commenting on this because you know this is probably just one person that hasn't updated their credit card info or something and then their pre-order was canceled. And that becomes "according to reports..."
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Susan Allen Associate Professor, George Mason University2 years ago
I can speak to this from personal experience. My Target pre-order of the Switch was cancelled. Target claimed my credit card had "insufficient funds" but my credit card tells me Target only made pre-authorizations and never did a charge to that card.. Target refused to take another card from me or allow me to pay by any other methods. They canceled my order immediately after I called Target -- out of curiosity and an abundance of caution-- to ask them why there was a "pending authorization" on my credit card instead of the full charge for the pre-order. Target customer service over the phone assured me the "pending authorization" was normal procedure until time of shipping and that my pre-order was all set. Then, I got an e-mail two hours later from Target saying they had cancelled my order! I've tried all the problem-solving I can think of-- calling Target again within one minute of having gotten the e-mail about cancellation, having my credit card company on the phone with Target customer service to try to do the charge while both are on the phone, offering use of an alternate credit card if Target and Bank of America really can't work it out, etc. Target has basically told me they aren't able to honor all the pre-orders they had. Once they cancelled my order, Target explained to me that they reallocated that Switch I had reserved and even though I called within a minute of getting the e-mail about cancellation, they said they didn't have another Switch they could offer for my order. The customer service representatives explained to me they don't have enough Switches to honor the now cancelled pre-order. This has taught me not to trust a Target pre-order ever again! I feel like they were looking for a reason to cancel orders, and my calling to ask about the pre-authorization somehow made Target decide to cancel my order.
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