Almost 87,000 Resident Evil 7 users have tried the game in PSVR

Data on the game's official website pegs the figure at 9.5% of players so far

Almost 87,000 of Resident Evil 7's players have engaged with its virtual reality mode, according to data released by Capcom.

VR usage is one of many figures tracked by the website, and a great deal more revealing than 'doors left open' and 'games of billiards played.' In total, 9.48% of players tracked by the website have tried Resident Evil 7 in VR.

That figure covers the entire Resident Evil 7 audience, including players on Xbox One and PC. However, PlayStation 4 is the only platform that offers VR support, so the proportional number for PS4 users would likely be higher.

RE7, which launched on January 24, was greeted with general acclaim by critics, though not every review assessed the game's VR mode. Those that did had mixed opinions, largely commending the spectacle it offered while casting some doubt on whether it presented a superior play experience overall.

Given how young PSVR is as a platform - and the size of the audience for most VR games - the fact that 87,000 players have used it for Resident Evil 7 is a positive outcome. As Rob Fahey pointed out in his column last week, Capcom's game is, "the first real attempt at proving that PSVR is a worthy platform for full-scale, AAA games, and much of the credibility of the nascent VR platform rests on RE7."

Last week, Capcom confirmed that it had shipped 2.5 million units of Resident Evil 7. According to the website's data, 917,372 people have actually played the game so far.

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