Leslie Benzies incorporates five new studios amid Rockstar legal dispute

Former GTA developer also trademarks potential title Time For A New World under Royal Circus Games

Ex-Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies is keen to establish a new foothold in the games industry since allegedly being forced out of the Grand Theft Auto firm, and has established not one but five new companies in order to do so.

Companies House records show Benzies has incorporated Royal Circus Games Limited, Starship Group, Everywhere Game Limited and more, The Scotsman reports.

At least one of these companies, Royal Circus Games, intends to develop video games for consoles, PC and smart devices. Meanwhile, others seem to be unrelated to games, such as VR-Chitect, which will produce virtual reality headsets, glasses and software according to IPO and US Patent Office applications.

Royal Circus has already trademarked a title for its first project, Time For A New World, as well as the hastag #TFANW.

The revelation comes in the middle of an ongoing financial dispute between Benzies, Rockstar North and its parent Take-Two Interactive. Benzies claims he was forced out of the company and is suing for £105m. Rockstar and Take-Two are counter-suing, dismissing Benzies' allegations as false.

The Scotsman notes that any of Benzies' businesses could be a real boost for the Scottish games industry, which is also home to Rockstar North.

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Adnan Ahmed Graphics Designer 3 years ago
I am not sure about the actual details of the lawsuit, however, Mr. Benzies is a major reason behind the success of Rockstar Games. So with him having his own studio(s), is a major boost for gamers. It is sorta like Megadeth being created from Metallica, both are relevant and awesome in their own ways.
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