Square Enix reports 5m Final Fantasy XV sales in one day

Shipment figures meet digital sales

Publisher Square Enix says that Final Fantasy XV has topped 5m units in digital sales and worldwide shipments.

The figure was achieved in just one day, making it the biggest opening day in the franchise's history, although actual sell-through numbers are currently unknown. UK physical retailers told that the game has had a solid start, and that it is tracking in-line with the recent Skyrim remake.

Square Enix also says the game has broken the record for the most first-day digital sales in Japan.

Final Fantasy XV is an ambitious effort from Square Enix to try and re-establish the franchise as the mainstream RPG of choice. Although the series remains very popular in Japan and amongst its core fans, the brand has waned in recent years and has found itself eclipsed by the likes of The Witcher and Elder Scrolls within the RPG genre.

The company fully revealed the game at a special event in Los Angeles in March this year, highlighting its efforts to attract a big Western audience. Alongside this game, Square Enix has developed a Final Fantasy XV movie, an animated online series, a mobile game, a special demo and a 'VR experience' for PlayStation VR.

It was originally scheduled for a September 30th launch, but was pushed back into November and launched on Tuesday.

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Garry Williams Licensing Director, Sold Out Sales and Marketing Ltd4 years ago
Chris, ship is not "sale" (sadly) but really good figures and great news. I guess that Square will be looking for a chartrack of 125K UK SALES (not ship) plus on Monday... if so a very impressive figure based upon past weeks. Well done Mr Gaffney and his team.
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James Brightman Editor, North America, GamesIndustry.biz4 years ago
@Garry Williams: The Japanese press release refers to the 5m being a combination of shipments and digital sales, so it's not clear what the breakdown between those two currently is.
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Chris Payne Managing Director & Founder, Quantum Soup Studios4 years ago
Good numbers! I was very impressed by the "Omen" FFXV trailer - told a story with a twist while teasing the setting/characters with highly inventive visuals. I haven't played one since FFX, but this is on my xmas list...
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There is..running, slots running in goth dress and fishing....oh and a fan service female mechanic, with fragments of clothing that barely hold together..otherwise, lotsa fun experience camping, cooking, selfies and over the top fun voice acting. All good fun really
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