Nintendo: Switch video does not represent actual game footage

Nintendo doesn't want people assuming that what was shown represents any confirmed lineup

Last week's Nintendo Switch reveal still has the internet buzzing, and while fans and media alike continue to pick apart every facet of every second of the Switch video, Nintendo itself has issued a word of caution: don't assume that what you saw represents any confirmed games or gameplay.

"This video is all about explaining how the Nintendo Switch works," a UK spokesperson said to our sister site Eurogamer. "We wanted to convey in a self-contained video how Nintendo Switch represents a new era for video game systems enjoyed in front of a TV, by letting gamers play anywhere, anytime, with anyone they choose. It adds the mobility of a portable system to the power of a home gaming system.

"At a later date, before the March launch, we'll be talking about things like exact launch date, and of course, the games. You shouldn't assume what you saw on the video represents actual game footage and further specifics on first-party games will be provided later."

In addition to the Zelda: Breath of the Wild footage, the Switch video showed a new Mario title, Splatoon, a version of Skyrim, and an NBA2K game. For their part, Bethesda and Take-Two have already said that the video does not represent any confirmation of Skyrim or NBA on Nintendo's platform. Of course, it goes without saying that Nintendo will bring a new Mario title to Switch, but that video footage may not represent anything final. Price and launch lineup will be a key for Nintendo. We'll keep you posted on any further Switch info.

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Latest comments (3)

Daniel Trezub QA Analyst, Ludia5 years ago
It's really hard to believe PR approved an announcement video with random footage. Even harder if you think they used other companies' IPs in said video. In the very first seconds you can see that the images shown in TV are fake, because they don't match the reflections on the furniture, but that's expected.
Didn't they learn anything from No Man's Sky? I'm baffled...
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 5 years ago
Fake games, fake people, questionable use case scenarios, third parties being either gagged or strangely non-committal, and the wildly inaccurate claim a portable device was as powerful as a home device. Or technically speaking, a low TDP device allegedly can compete with a high TDP device of the same generation these days. This is living 2016.
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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee5 years ago
It didn't look like real footage to me. Though, most of it looked below the rendering capabilities of the Tegra K or X platforms, of which I don't think many people are that familiar with.
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