Brynley Gibson joins Curve Digital to lead VR push

Former Sony London Studio producer will also head up Ze Mode and Headstrong Games

Curve Digital Entertainment has hired Brynley Gibson as its new head of studios.

Gibson has been brought on to drive work-for-hire development resources for virtual and augmented reality projects as Curve attempts to enter these growing markets.

He will also be responsible for Headstrong Games and Zöe Mode, which were brought into the same family as Curve when the UK firm was acquired by The Catalis Group at the beginning of this year.

Gibson's most recent position was executive producer at SIE London Studios, the PlayStation-owned developer that led development for the Project Morpheus tech demos and subsquently created the launch title PlayStation VR Worlds. Prior to this he worked at Lionhead Studios and Headstrong Games, with the Chime series, The Movies and Battalion Wars 2 among his credits. He also helped created and served as series producer on Nintendo's Art Academy series.

"Brynley's experience in producing million-selling and critically-acclaimed games is second to none," said Curve CEO Dominic Wheatley. "In addition, his more recent successes in VR means that we are in an excellent position to provide cutting-edge development services in this fast-moving, cutting-edge space."

Gibson added: "I'm delighted to take up the new role, heading up Curve Digital Entertainment Studios. It's an incredibly exciting time and I'm very happy to be a part of this fast-moving business."

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Dan Shiel @ Scede Talent Acquisition, Scede5 years ago
Congratulations, Brynley! :)
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Nick Ferguson Director, ID@Azure, Microsoft5 years ago
Well done, Brynley- congratulations on the new role and a chart-storming title in the same week!
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Stuart Barnett Games Designer, Sony London Studio5 years ago
Congrats Brynley! It was great working with you on VR Worlds.
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Jonathan Burroughs Game Developer, Variable State5 years ago
Congratulations, Brynley!
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Jason Avent Studio Head / Creative Director, TT Games Publishing5 years ago
Congratulations Brynley. Exciting move!
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Oliver Birch Director of Marketing, Hothead Games5 years ago
Nice work Brynley!
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