PS4 Pro coming November 10 for $399

Slim becomes new default PS4 model next week, Pro to offer boosted graphics of existing games as well as 4K and HDR support

Sony wasted no time at its conference today to confirm the already leaked PlayStation 4 slim model. The new hardware, which is simply called the PS4, will replace the older model as the default PS4 hardware going forward, said Andrew House, who announced that the console would launch on September 15 for $299 in most markets. House then quickly transitioned to formally introduce the more powerful PS4 Pro, which had been previously codenamed Neo. Noting that with PS4 "we're pretty much maxing out what we can do with 1080p games," House was excited to talk about how 4K and HDR technologies will impact gameplay experiences on PS4 Pro.

House introduced lead architect Mark Cerny who stressed that PS4 Pro is "not intended to blur the lines between console generations." Indeed, Pro is meant to sit alongside the original/slim PS4 and be completely "forward compatible." That means that a number of existing first-party and third-party games will get patched to bring about enhanced visuals. The PS4 Pro comes with a GPU that's had its power doubled, a CPU with increased clock rate and a 1TB hard drive. "PS4 Pro will reach resolutions not thought possible in this generation... and provides unparalleled experiences for a 4K TV owner," Cerny said.

Sony showed off titles like Insomniac's previously announced Spider-Man game, Ubisoft's For Honor, Square Enix's Deus Ex and Rise of The Tomb Raider, and Ubi's Watch Dogs 2, all running in 4K detail. Some titles like Bend Studio's Days Gone also were shown in gorgeous HDR color clarity. Even if you don't have an HDR/4K TV, Sony noted that the PS4 Pro will make the games look better on a standard 1080p TV. Features like supersampling antialiasing will bring increased quality to an HDTV. And of course, the extra graphical horsepower of PS4 Pro can make the virtual reality experience more immersive as well, Sony said.

Sony also used the event to showcase games like Horizon: Zero Dawn in 4K and HDR and to announce that Mass Effect Andromeda from BioWare will launch for PS4 Pro next year. Activision's upcoming Call of Duty this holiday season will support PS4 Pro on day one. Activision said it wants to ensure "one unified PS4 community," for its Call of Duty players.

Additionally, on the entertainment side, Sony announced that Netflix has partnered with Sony to launch a new app for PS4 Pro that will bring 600 hours of 4K and HDR video content to enjoy. YouTube is working on a PS4 Pro app as well.

As the conference drew to a close, House stated that PS4 Pro will officially launch on November 10 for $399. And, furthermore, Sony is so excited about the potential of HDR that it's issuing a firmware update next week to bring HDR to all 40 million PS4 consoles already sold to consumers.

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Connor Martin Aspiring game designer/tester A year ago
All very interesting but how is power efficiency? More powerful machines I presume comes with more demands of power and the electricity bill can rise quite high romping through games. How loud is it? How hot does it run? I like the talk of specs on hardware but as a user the user experience of the system in short and long term is still far more important.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Connor Martin on 8th September 2016 1:00pm

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Francisco Javier QA Engineering & Coordination, Saber Interactive SpainA year ago
@Connor Martin: Totally agree... makes no sense they're talking about things people can hardly appreciate (HDR? 4K?) and they don't take these elements into account. It's terrible and very deceiving that gamers doesn't take that into account.
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I still dont get it, all this for a niche crowd of 4k users? really? why couldnt this wait til next gen? Why dont they be honest, something doesnt smell right, why piss off your consumers base which at this time has you winning your product category There is no rival coming out with anything, Scorpio is well over a year away if not more. So why the rush to upgrade, just be honest, is it for VR, if it is tell us. Stop hiding behind this 4k nonsense. If its just for 4k TVS I dont see the point, as your developers will have to shoot for the lowest denominator anyway which is the base PS4.

I still think this is all about VR, I just wish they would be honest about it.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Todd Weidner on 8th September 2016 4:20pm

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Andy Cowe Mobile developer, MoonjumpA year ago
When deciding between the PS3 and XBox 360, there wasn't much difference in games, so I went with the PS3 because it also offered Blu-Ray. How many will choose an XBox for the UHD Blu-Ray support?

I am particularly surprised as it is Sony. UHD Blu-Ray could drive PS4 sales and 4K TV sales.
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Andreia Quinta Photographer, Studio52 LondonA year ago
Apparently it's not even proper 4k resolution as much as it is dynamic resolution, re-adjusting the game's detail according to how well it's performing, but never really quite reaching full 3,840x2,160 (irc).
With that said, I don't see why the sudden bashing on Sony because of it, I'd rather have this and justify somewhat of an upgrade than getting the same predictable machine cycle with just cosmetic changes and a faster processor (a lost faster in this case apparently). It's great for people that are starting to get 4k TV's since their price is finally 'plunging' but cant be bothered to wait a year for the Scorpio (or aren't into Microsoft consoles at all).

My reasoning being, if I had a 50"+ 4k TV this would sound very appealing, specially if I had a ps4 already and retailers applied special offers on trade ins for a PS Pro. I think it's a healthy move.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2GameA year ago
Anyone else hate it when "pro" is added to a deluxe model of a games machine or toothbrush that doesn't really add any professional use?
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