Twitch opens new Austin office

Headed up by Ken Demarest

Streaming platform Twitch is expanding its physical presence as well as its digital one, opening a new office in Austin, Texas. It'll be headed up by Twitch's new director of product development for Twitch's developer success team, Ken Demarest.

"Austin's culture is amazing, vibrant and speaks for itself as a driver of Austin's impressive growth. Austin offers great lifestyles, with a terrific outdoor scene, great cost of living, and warm friendly people," Demarest told

"Twitch Austin will be hiring top product development talent through the remainder of 2016 and on into 2017. We are very excited to be a new opportunity for Austin's best and brightest."

When asked if we could expect to see Twitch offices sping up in other cities, Demarest told "if we see the value for ​building out our local presence in other parts of the country, it's definitely something we would consider, but for right now our immediate focus is on Austin."

Most recently Demarest has worked in residential investment, cave vertical work, surveying and consulting but he's best known in the industry for working on titles like Wing Commander, Ultima Online, BioForge, and Netstorm.

"Some of the best and brightest engineers are based in Austin, and they have the ability to create cutting edge products that benefit from game broadcasting. Our goal is to help developers understand and utilize Twitch's platform to strengthen their connections with their communities. This initiative also includes building out our product development teams to work closely with the local talent."

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Go Ken! More ex-Origin spreading the true strain.
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