Xbox One price cut yet again to $279

Only a couple weeks after dropping from $349 to $299, Microsoft is looking to clear inventory to make way for Xbox One S

It was only two weeks ago that we reported on the price drop for Xbox One bundles by $50, making the cheapest of them $299. While that promotion was only for a "limited time," Microsoft has just lowered the price even further, this time just a day after their E3 press conference in which they announced that the Xbox One S would release in August for $299.

The basic 500GB bundles will now sell for $279, which is undoubtedly Microsoft's way of saying, "Please buy our remaining stock before we ship the Xbox One S." The promotion runs through October 1, but once the Xbox One S is on store shelves, there'll likely be little reason for consumers to pick up the old version.

As a reminder the Xbox One S is not only 40% smaller and incorporates the power brick internally, but it also will support 4K Ultra HD video and Blu-ray, as well as HDR gaming. Beyond that, it will come with a new white controller that features increased range over bluetooth and offers enhanced grips.

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