Xbox One gets $50 price cut leading into E3

With rumors swirling about new Xbox hardware at E3, Microsoft has dropped the price on Xbox One through June 13

Microsoft today slashed prices on its Xbox One bundles by $50 across the board, which means you can now pick up a new Xbox One for just $299. The "limited time" promotion runs through June 13, which not coincidentally is when Microsoft's E3 press conference will be held.

Rumors have been circulating during the last few weeks about a new, slimmed down version of Xbox One being unveiled at E3, with a likely launch this year. It's possible that Microsoft is looking to clear inventory of what will become the old Xbox One model. The company has made similar "limited time" price drops in the past, only to make them permanent a short time later.

The more intriguing rumor, of course, is that Microsoft is also currently working on a new Xbox One console, codenamed "Scorpio," that will be significantly more powerful than Xbox One and even the rumored PlayStation Neo half-step upgrade that Sony is reportedly planning for PS4.

Microsoft's E3 press conference kicks off on June 13 at 9:30AM Pacific. will be at E3 all week long to bring you all the latest news and interviews.

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Latest comments (3)

Daniel Trezub QA Analyst, Ludia2 years ago
I really hope Sony follow this same strategy and slash the current PS4 prices too. Thanks god No Man's Sky has been delayed :)
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Hugo Trepanier Game Designer, Behaviour Interactive2 years ago
For those who haven't yet bought either of this generation's consoles, there's no reason to buy one now considering better ones are coming in the near future. If you could hold on for two years, you can probably hold on a little bit longer. Or at least wait until the full reveals at E3.
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Martin Fedor Programmer 2 years ago
I suspect that "new" PS4 and XOne will be launched with a price attacking the original one three years back -- so approx. $400USD.
$100 less for older models with a big catalogue of games (and supposedly compatible with future titles) might be still a very good option.
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