BAFTA to honor Amy Hennig

Former Uncharted writer/director to receive a BAFTA Special Award next month

In advance of E3, on Sunday June 12 in Los Angeles, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) will grant award-winning video game director and script writer Amy Hennig a BAFTA Special Award. BAFTA said the award is part of the organization's "renewed commitment to growing its global games membership and celebrating the games industry in the USA."

Before recently joining Electronic Arts as the creative director and lead writer on Visceral Games' upcoming Star Wars title, Hennig worked for 10 years at Naughty Dog as the creative director and writer of the blockbuster Uncharted franchise. Uncharted 2 won four BAFTA awards in 2010 in the Action, Use of Audio, Original Score and Story categories. Prior to Naughty Dog, Hennig was known for writing and directing titles in the Soul Reaver/Legacy of Kain series, which she worked on for over eight years at Crystal Dynamics.

"Amy is one of the industry's most successful and respected creative leaders, and we are thrilled to recognise her outstanding contribution through this special award - one of BAFTA's highest accolades," said Harvey Elliot, Chairman of BAFTA's Games Committee.

"Her work in the games industry spans nearly three decades, and throughout this illustrious career she has championed the importance of a game's script, with this creative vision pervading all her work. We look forward to celebrating this much-deserved award with her on 12 June."

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Chris Payne Managing Director & Founder, Quantum Soup Studios2 years ago
This makes me happy. To my shame, the Uncharted series has mostly passed me by, but I'm a huge fan of the Soul Reaver games. Gothic post-apocalyptic time paradox story is right up my street :)

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Pete Leonard , Amiqus2 years ago
Logged in just to second your comment on amy Hennig.
Soul Reaver 2 played with expectations beautifully set out in the first one in VERY surprising and refreshing ways. And to retcon a lot of Dyack's work in Blood Omen successfully too.

2002 is when I first heard the name Amy Hennig, and I wondered where she had gone in 2003 after she left Defiance half way through - well until 2007 anyway:)

Well deserved and it took far too long for the recognition to come TBH. Should have had this 10 years ago.
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John Karageorgiou consultant 2 years ago
It is great to see women leaders being rightly recognised in the gaming industry. Huge respect for Amy and hope that she continues driving her career forward, serving as an example for all women wanting to establish themselves in this remarkable industry.
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