Ken Levine working on Twilight Zone hybrid

BioShock director takes a side project with interactive video tech company Interlude

Ken Levine is entering a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. As reported by Wired, the creative director of BioShock is planning to write and direct an interactive live-action film based on The Twilight Zone.

The project is not a Take-Two Interactive production; Levine is working on it with interactive video firm Interlude as a side project to his duties with the BioShock publisher. It will use Interlude's technology--as seen in a recent video for Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"--to let viewers choose how the story should proceed.

Interlude already had ties to gaming, boasting former Xbox Entertainment Studios head Nancy Tellem as its chief media officer and Her Story designer Sam Barlow as creative director.

This is not Levine's first foray into film work. In 2013, the developer had also been signed to write a remake of the 1970s sci-fi film Logan's Run. However, he revealed last year that he was no longer part of the film's production.

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