SB Nation, Polygon launch League of Legends site

Vox Media sports and gaming sites pooling resources to produce The Rift Herald

With eSports gaining momentum, traditional sports and gaming outlets are experimenting with new formats to cover the emerging scene. The latest such foray comes from Vox-owned sites Polygon and SB Nation, which today jointly launched The Rift Herald, a new community site dedicated to covering League of Legends.

The Rift Herald will cover League of Legends at both the amateur and pro levels, with an editorial team consisting of SB Nation's Pete Volk and James Dator, as well as Polygon's Phil Kollar. Volk has moved from writing about college football to cover League of Legends and eSports on the site full-time, while Kollar and Dator will be splitting their time between The Rift Herald and other sites.

While both Polygon and SB Nation are represented, the site uses the SB Nation blog format, which was created to include posts written by community members. SB Nation uses that format for more than 300 such websites, with one dedicated to ever team in ever major North American pro sports league as well as more general blogs covering mixed martial arts, boxing, horse racing, and more.

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