Oculus "don't condone" HTC Vive software hacks

Don't plan on playing Lucky's Tale on your Vive for too long...

Yesterday brought the news that a few enterprising gamers had found a way to get Oculus Rift exclusive content to run on HTC Vive headsets. Today Oculus has warned users that it's not a fan of the move and future updates will probably kill the hacked games.

"This is a hack, and we don't condone it. Users should expect that hacked games won't work indefinitely, as regular software updates to games, apps, and our platform are likely to break hacked software," Oculus told

Reddit user CrossVR posted the software that allows Lucky's Tale and the Oculus Dreamdeck demos to run on the HTC Vive.

"It may work with plenty of other games, but that hasn't been tested by myself. It's still early days for this project, since it's only been in development for a few weeks. In the future more games will be supported, but I'm glad to see such swift progress already," CrossVR explained.

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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
Annnnnd this is exactly what happens when you try to make PC games "exclusive" based on hardware alone. Did anyone think this wasn't going to happen on a somewhat open platform?
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 6 years ago
Players don't condone when two monitor manufacturers try to split the PC platform.
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Till Dzierzon Localization QA 6 years ago
If I remember correctly, their stance for only releasing on Oculus was that it would be too much work to get it running on other systems and they don't want to do that because they want to promote their system first. Now they break it on purpose? That's going to be a PR nightmare.
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The reality has broken through the aspirations and promises. In claiming they were not building a walled garden, their hypocrisy and duplicity has caught them in another 'ballpark misunderstanding.

No number of Tweets or Private embargo's will address this image malfunction!

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Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 6 years ago
Well instead on trying to kill this effort, they should put some effort in actually getting the headsets out without excuses, and also release the touch controllers. At the moment they have a pretty big image problem, next to be being a facebook company..
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Shawn Clapper Programmer 6 years ago
You mean "exclusive" based on software alone. This is a store thing not a device thing right? (Not that I like either, just one already has precedence).
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
@Klaus: I should have said PERIPHERAL, as in VR goggles, right? ;P
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