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Kickstarter payment problem holds up indie adventure game pledges

A Place for the Unwilling runs into a speed bump due to failed Kickstarter payments.

Kickstarter payment issues nearly prevented indie developer MadeInSpain Games from receiving most of the pledges from its successful Kickstarter drive. The studio's planned adventure game, A Place for the Unwilling, finished its funding drive on March 14, just a bit above the requested total of €20,000.

The problem came the next day, when backers began to receive messages from Kickstarter saying their payment method was declined. The developer looked into the issue and determined that nearly 700 out of its 900 backers had their donations denied due to payment issues.

"Once the campaign finished we went to hit the sack and rest, we were super happy about being able to fund the development of "A Place for the Unwilling". A few hours later we started receiving messages from you, telling us about payment issues," wrote the developer in an update. "The reason is still unclear, but looks like it's related to Kickstarter and their payment management system."

Kickstarter later looked into the issue and resolved most of the payment problems.

"Unfortunately there was a brief technical glitch that caused these payments to fail. Our team is processing the charges now. We'll make sure the creator receives their funds, and we look forward to playing A Place for the Unwilling," the Kickstarter team told the developer.

There are still 40 backers who still have denied pledges due to payment issues and the developer is working with those specific backers to resolve the problem.

"There's still some work left to be done before we get rid of those denied payments but this is a huge relief for us and good news for the development of A Place for the Unwilling," said the developer. "Thanks to all of you. Thanks for supporting us here on Kickstarter and social networks. Once again your help was essential for us."

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Latest comments (1)

Justin French Creative Director & Founder, Dream Harvest5 years ago
We had more than our fair share of issues with Kickstarter during our still running campaign.

First of which was the inability to edit our campaign page for the first 48 hours when going live due to a bug that made it out that we had gone over the character limit even after removing all the content from the page. On top of that their responses to our emails were rather impersonal and came accross cut and pasted. On top of this, discoverability is atrocious - our conversation rate was above average but we're deep down in the list of games on the page and even with some press coverage and other attempts to drive traffic from outside sources we've really struggled to get eyes on the page.

Its a shame as they were the go to site for crowdfunding but now competing providers offer better tools and a much more personal approach to the teams that work with them. GameKicker is looking interesting and IndieGOGO have a much better tool set and after campaign support and then there's Fig. We personally wont be using Kickstarter again.
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