Nexon to acquire Big Huge Games

Korean publisher to buy all remaining shares after backing the company at its foundation

Nexon's Korean subsidiary has agreed to acquire the outstanding shares in Big Huge Games, the US studio it worked with on the mobile hit, DomiNations.

Indeed, Nexon has been involved ever since Big Huge was revealed to be the new studio from Brian Reynolds and Tim Train back in 2014. Reynolds and Train founded the company's original incarnation in 2000, but that ended when it was closed amidst the very public implosion of 38 Studios.

Version 2.0 launched with Nexon's backing, and the Korean company went on to publish DomiNations. According to CEO Tim Train, that existing relationship, and the positive outcomes that resulted from it, laid the foundation for the buyout.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with Big Huge Games," Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney added in a statement. "One of Nexon's core objectives is to empower the best game developers around the world enable them to succeed.

"DomiNations has achieved great success in both the West and Asia, and we're excited to work with Big Huge Games to deliver the best quality gameplay to fans for years to come."

DomiNations has been downloaded 19 million times since it launched in April 2015.

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Richard Browne Head of External Projects, Digital Extremes4 years ago
Fantastic news for a fantastic team. I do hope it goes better than when we did it . . .
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