Giselle Elizabeth Stewart and Jude Ower recognised in honours list

OBE and MBE awarded to UK games pioneers

Two of the UK's leading games industry women have been recognised in the Queen's New Year Honours list for their contributions to games and entrepreneurship, with PlayMobs' Jude Ower earning an MBE and Ubisoft's Giselle Elizabeth Stewart picking up an OBE.

Ower is the CEO and founder of PlayMob, a London-based organisation which combines charity drives with microtransactions and IAP to push public awareness of good causes and increase player retention for developers. Stewart, was the head of Ubisoft's Reflections studio in Newcastle for 19 years and is now the publisher's director of corporate affairs.

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It is a pretty flippant choice of accompanying photograph, Dan. Can you not find pictures of the 2 award winners?
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Dan Pearson Business Development, Purewal Consulting2 years ago
Not in the same shot, no...
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But you could post the photo of 1 of the women? Check the column inches dedicated to David Braben, Jason Kingsley and Andy Payne when they were honoured with the same award.
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