Garry's Mod passes 10m sales barrier

Source Engine sandbox adds 4m in 2015, 9 years after release

Garry's Mod - the one time Half-Life 2 Mod which became a phenomenon in its own right, passed the ten million sales mark over the new year, according to Facepunch Studios head Garry Newman. Newman announced the news in typically informal style on Twitter on Saturday.

GMod was officially released as a standalone game in 2006, selling six million copies over the next eight years. Heavy discounting and a resurgence in popularity thanks to heavy rotation by YouTubers added an extra four million to that total in 2015 alone.

Facepunch Studios has since gone on to further success with Rust, a crafting survival game which was one of Early Access' first success stories, alongside Day Z.

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Curtis Turner Game Developer - Monsters of War 6 years ago
Meanwhile 99% of the other Source mods and modders remained in Moneyless Modding™? Including two of my most played games, Age of Chivalry and Kingdoms Collide. Speaking of which, didn't Garry's Mod add the ability to create gametypes and all of that? Did any modders from that make any money or did the vicious cycle of Moneyless Modding™ continue?

Mods can make you MILLIONS! Take advantage, game developers! But maybe at some point we can share a little of the pie, okay?

I really wish Valve would let me do something with my 1337 Board mod... It works with almost all of their games and probably Garry's Mod too.
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