Riot to lock trolls out of new League of Legends systems

"We've never done a thing before where negative players don't have access to an entire system"

Riot Games is taking an unprecedented step against negative and antisocial League of Legends players, with a plan to lock them out of its new loot and crafting systems.

Next year, League of Legends will receive its most complete overhaul since it launched in 2009. Some of the biggest changes will be made to the game's loot system, with Riot offering random free skins and time-capped character rentals in the aftermath of matches. These items can be used by the player, or traded with others via LoL's revamped crafting system.

Unless you're a troll, that is. Speaking to Polygon, Riot's lead designer of social systems Jeffrey Lin explained that any player consistently tagged for negative behaviour will be prevented from using either system.

"We really want the system to be a reward," Lin said. "It's a new carrot for playing with friends and for being a positive player in the game.

"We've never done a thing before where negative players don't have access to an entire system... We want to see what global sentiment and feedback is on that. We'll take some time to look at date and make some changes if necessary."

The exact point where a given player has gone too far is still being decided, but this is another bold decision from Riot in challenging its vast player-base to be more civil. Broadly speaking, using these systems as an incentive for better behaviour fits with Riot's "don't ban your players, reform them" stance.

So far, that strategy has been successful relative to the popularity of the game. In July this year, Riot claimed it had reduced incidents of homophobia, sexism and racism in League of Legends matches to two per cent.

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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 2 years ago
Modern logic. if you are a player who does not play the game for the sake of the game, but for your self-created system of trolling people, then you may play the game for the sake of the game, but not for the sake of getting loot at the end of the match. People playing a game for the sake of its gameplay truly are a dying breed.
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James Berg Games User Researcher, EA Canada2 years ago
Interesting move. Looking forward to seeing what the results look like!
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Thomas Kennedy Unemployed (Seeking work) 2 years ago
Will be interesting to see how it goes, the game has had an issue with toxic players for years, it'll be a good experiment to see how far people are willing to go for change

Also I find it funny they are using an edited picture of the Alternative skin Arclight Varus (With another champion's - Dravens - head instead)
(Origonal splash:
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 2 years ago
I too am curious how this system will work out for them as I'm constantly intrigued by the various methods publishers/developers use to thwart off purposely toxic players just to see if they have any real effect. And on that note I'm still waiting for Microsoft to implement their new system for this.
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