UK government's Games Prototype Fund launches today

4 million to be distributed to studios over next four years

The UK's Video Games Prototype Fund, which will allocated a total of 4 million in 25,000 grants over the next four years, launched today, taking over from the Abertay fund to help small and new studios turn ideas into working prototypes to take to the next stage of funding.

The cash injection was announced as part of the UK government budget earlier this year and will also include access to mentoring and skills management alongside the direct funding. The fund will be managed by the UK Games Talent and Finance CIC, which was involved in' GI Investment Summit at EGX in Birmingham last month.

"We lobbied for this kind of support and we are pleased to see the Fund launch," said UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist. "It has enormous potential for the future of the UK games industry. Access to finance has been an on-going challenge for small and micro games businesses, and the financial support of the fund, as well as the mentoring opportunities that are provided, will open doors to a huge amount of unearthed games talent in the UK. Ukie is really proud to continue to support this project. It is one more step towards the UK becoming a world leader in games development."

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George Williams Owner 3 years ago
Here's a link to those wanting more.

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Darren Adams Managing Director, ChaosTrend3 years ago
This is good news of course, but I do wonder how they are going to set this up. One of the main bugbears of grant funding as I have found out is defraying; you usually have to spend all the money first, before you can put in to get anything back. I always thought it would have been better to have it in tranches on a milestone type system.

But until they give further details on how it will actually work, I do hope they factor in the smaller companies and a think of a good way to help them take advantage of the fund.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Darren Adams on 12th October 2015 12:55pm

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Martin Darby Design Director, Strike Gamelabs3 years ago
Who are the management team in charge of UK Games Fund?
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Darren Adams Managing Director, ChaosTrend3 years ago
Who are the management team in charge of UK Games Fund?
That is an unknown atm, but it would be very interesting to see who does get the role.
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Tom Pickard Founder and Creative Director, Knifey Spoonie Games3 years ago
At the investment summit Paul Durrant gave a short talk on the upcoming fund, it seems very interesting, one I'm keeping my eyes on as a small studio.
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