Lucy Bradshaw leaves EA

Senior VP concludes 23-year stint at publisher as Maxis moves under EA Mobile's oversight

The face of The Sims is leaving Electronic Arts. EA CEO Andrew Wilson today confirmed that Maxis senior vice president Lucy Bradshaw is leaving the publisher.

"Through 23 years with our company, Lucy has brought an incredible passion for games and our player community," Wilson said. "I want to thank Lucy for her dedication to EA, her contributions to Maxis, and the creative spirit she infused in every one of her teams and projects. We wish her the best as she takes on her next adventure."

Along with Bradshaw's departure, EA is shaking up Maxis' place in the company. Sims Studio head Rachel Franklin will be taking over the Maxis group as they continue work on The Sims 4 and other projects, but Maxis as a whole is now being moved under the purview of EA Mobile SVP Samantha Ryan.

"As we look to the future, we want to expand the scope of opportunity for Maxis to reach more players on PC and mobile, as well as explore cross-platform play," Wilson said. "To enable this, we are bringing Maxis together with our mobile teams under Samantha Ryan's leadership, aligning our strong PC foundation with our mobile expertise. The collaboration between these teams will help us unlock new ways for Maxis IP to connect with players wherever they want to play."

Bradshaw first took over Maxis when studio co-founder Will Wright left EA in 2009. The last few years of her tenure were marked by launch troubles for the always-online SimCity reboot and the eventual shuttering of the studio behind that effort, Maxis Emeryville.

[UPDATE]: An EA representative has confirmed that going forward, Ryan's proper title will be "senior vice president, EA Mobile and Maxis."

Bradshaw also released a statement, saying, "I've had a wonderful journey at EA and Maxis, filled with amazingly creative people, unforgettable experiences and an inspiring community of players and creators. I have the highest regard for EA's leadership today, their vision and their focus on putting players first. I leave knowing that Maxis is in great hands with a leader and teams who are full of respect for our players, passion for our games, and new ideas to bring to the world of Maxis gamers. I look forward to seeing what's next from these incredible teams, I'll certainly be playing."

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Michael Harrell Studying CS, University of Utah6 years ago
Moving the entire studio under EA Mobile? Maxis has fallen a long, long way. Here's hoping she can move somewhere creativity and gameplay is regarded higher than the easy buck.
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