Sony rebrands Morpheus as PlayStation VR

New colours for the Vita and the PS4 gets changeable faceplates

Amongst a wealth of game trailers and reveals, Sony pushed a couple of relatively small hardware announcements at its pre-TGS show this morning, revealing a new range of coloured Vita models, interchangeable coloured faceplates for the PS4 and a rebranding of Project Morpheus.

The big news is that Morpheus will now be known as...PlayStation VR, which is at least descriptive. SCEJ president Atsushi Morita revealed the name change alongside a list of games and demos which will be playable on the device this week in Tokyo, which included: Final Fantasy 14 Online, Summer Lesson, Kitchen, Dynasty Warriors 7 VR demo, Rigs, Joysound VR, and a Hatsune Miku VR demo.

Morpheus is still due in the first half of 2016.

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Shane Sweeney Academic 3 years ago
Well this all seals it, pretty sure this will win over the Japanese market over Oculus. This could really push PlayStation units in Japan.

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Devante Adams designer 3 years ago
Not only do I think you are right on that account, they also dropped the price of the PS4 to 34,980 yen which translates (at time of writing) to £189. That's cheaper than the WiiU. Sony are truly making a loss on all systems (as we know) but they will definitely be banking on making their money back in services and game sales. It would be a miracle if they don't ship the most units this generation. PS. Anyone thinking the PS5 is going to ship with in the year 5 console cycle will have to think again. This is a long haul strategy and I think Sony are determined to sell enough units to make it last for 10 years.
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