46% of US social casino gamers spend money - Newzoo

Market research firm report finds paying audience is 59 percent male, 55 percent aged 21-35

Nearly half of US social casino players spend money on the games, according to a new report from Newzoo. The market research firm looked into players of 17 casino franchises in the US, and found that 46 percent of players spent money in the past six months.

That conversion rate would put the social casino market in the same ballpark as the general mobile gaming audience. A Newzoo report from December found 46 percent of US and Western European mobile players spent money on those games in the past year, up from 36 percent two years prior.

Newzoo also looked at the demographics of monetized social casino players, finding that the player base was primarily male, and primarily in the 21-35 age bracket. Men accounted for 59 percent of the market, while the 21-35 crowd made up 55 percent of the paying US social casino audience. As for playing habits, social casino gamers play an average of 5.6 titles in the genre, with most of them spending 2-5 hours per week on their favorite title.

The game with the best conversion rate was Hit it Rich!, while Slot Bonanza claimed the most engagement, with 7.5 percent of players spending 15 hours or more with the game on a weekly basis. Big Fish Casino was arguably the biggest competitor for most of the franchises Newzoo looked at.A host of hit social casino games--including Bingo Bash, DoubleDown Casino, GSN Casino, Heart of Vegas, and more--have player bases that consist primarily of people who also play Big Fish Casino. It's also worth noting that Big Fish Casino was the franchise players were least likely to find too challenging.

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