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Gamescom sets attendance record

345,000 visitors, 806 exhibitors combine to make 2015 open-to-the-public gaming event the largest yet

An earlier-than-usual Gamescom may have kept some companies from participating as much as they had in years past, but it did little to discourage attendees. Gamescom organizers today announced that the 2015 show drew a record 345,000 attendees from 96 countries.

Last year, Gamescom drew 335,000 attendees, down from 340,000 in 2013. Organizers also touted a stronger trade presence at the show, with 33,200 professional visitors (up 5 percent year-over-year) and 806 exhibitors (up 15 percent).

"Gamescom has reached the next level - it has not only experienced further growth this year in terms of the exhibition space and the numbers of trade and private visitors," said Dr. Maximilian Schenk, managing director of Gamescom's conceptual sponsor and German trade group BIU. "Thanks to many new events and campaigns, it has also become even more diversified this year. It is a reflection of the increasing significance of computer and video games in our society. Gamescom has impressively confirmed its exceptional position as the world's largest event for computer and video games and Europe's most important business platform this year."

Gamescom 2015 was held August 5-9. Previous shows were held in mid-to-late August. Sony cited the earlier scheduling and the resulting shorter window of time between E3 and Gamescom as a factor in its decision to forego its usual Gamescom press briefing. Next year's show will return to its normal scheduling window, taking place August 17-21 in Cologne.

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Jakub Mikyska CEO, Grip Digital6 years ago
Gamescom is great, but I would REALLY like if they made moving between halls easier for professionals. Running between the Entertainment halls, Business halls and surrounding hotels for meetings is a pain when you have to share one narrow staircase with those 300.000 other people.

Also, why are they letting general public in during the Media & Business day's afternoon? It should be "Media & Business morning" instead :-)

But overall, great show, great meetings, great parties and the opportunity to bratwurst myself into unconsciousness :-)
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