EA changes UK release date

UK gamers will get new releases a day sooner

Publisher Electronic Arts is bringing the UK's release day for new games into line with the rest of Europe, swapping it from Friday to Thursday.

"We're excited to share with you that we are moving the release day for all future EA titles in the UK from Friday to Thursday," the company announced.

"Until now, players in the UK have had to wait until Friday for new EA games to release, one day after the rest of Europe. We realised that players wanted to be able to get in the game the same time as their friends across Europe and we're happy to make this change."

In the US the majority of new games are released on a Tuesday.

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Carl Hudson Studying Computer Science, University of Adelaide2 years ago
Tuesday before.. or Tuesday after? Too bad if you wanted to be able to get in the game with any USofA friends :) ..but still, a small step forward, I suppose.
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