Evolution's DriveClub passes 2m sales

"This figure was reached prior to the release of the PS+ Edition"

Evolution Studios game director Paul Rustchynsky has shared the news that driving sim DriveClub has now sold through over two million units.

He went on to confirm on Twitter that he "can't provide any more details other than this figure was reached prior to the release of the PS+ Edition."

The game was released in the US on October 7 (and October 10 in the UK) on PlayStation 4 after a delay caused by the menu system. DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition, a free version for PlayStation Plus subscribers, was released on June 25.

In March this year Evolution Studios confirmed job losses as part of a restructuring process. Reports at the time suggested 55 people, around half the studio, were affected.

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Carl Hudson Studying Computer Science, University of Adelaide4 years ago
A few external hiccups on the way, but well deserved milestone. I still hope there's a Motorstorm in the PS4's near future. :)
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