Digital Bros opens China office

"Represents for us a big opportunity that will enable us to drive and sustain our global growth"

Italian games company Digital Bros is expanding to China, announcing the opening of a new office in Shenzen today.

Market entry in Asia represents for us a big opportunity that will enable us to drive and sustain our global growth, both in terms of international reach as well as in terms of digitalization and penetration of the mobile gaming market," said CEO Raphael Galante.

"The localization of Digital Bros in China will actually represent a significant opportunity to export to a booming market products which are developed and published in Italy, Europe and the US and at the same time take advantage of Chinese expertise in mobile gaming to distribute high-potential games through our worldwide network, taking into due account all necessary cultural and language adaptations."

The new office will focus on licensing and targeting the local population through the company's 505 Games and 505 Mobile brands.

Digital Bros already has offices in North America, Germany, Spain, France and the UK. It also has two game studios, Pipeworks, based in Oregon and DR Studios, based in the UK. DR Studios created 505 Mobile's Battle Islands.

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