Xbox One gets a price cut in China and Japan

China gets the steeper cut as Microsoft stimulates interest in key Asian markets

Microsoft is apparently keen to ignite interest in the Xbox One console in Asia, dropping the price in both China and Japan.

The Xbox One received a price cut of RMB 500 just before the launch of the PlayStation 4, seemingly an attempt to narrow the gap between it and Sony's cheaper price-point.

According to a report from Tech In Asia, which translated an official release from Xbox China, the price of the Xbox One with Kinect has been cut by a further RMB 500 to RMB 4299 ($693). The version without has received an even steeper cut, from RMB 3699 to RMB 2999 ($483).

Xbox One enjoyed a stronger launch period than it did in Japan, a market in which the brand has always struggled to gain a sure footing. Indeed, it has sold little more than 50,000 units in Japan since it launched there in September last year.

Now, according to DualShockers, Microsoft has introduced a "discount campaign" that will cut the its price by ¥5,000 ($41) ahead of the launch of Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happyness, a console exclusive based on a popular IP.

It is unclear whether the price will revert once the promotion has finished, though Microsoft now has form in extending these promotional price drops indefinitely.

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Latest comments (2)

Ben Herman CEO 6 years ago
Japan supports Japanese companies and excludes imports. There is no price that Japan will flock to. Try giving away the system for free and sell games to make a small dent in losses.
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 6 years ago
It has nothing to do with excluding imports. Apple, Disney, a hundred foreign brands sell very very well in Japan. It is also legal in Japan to threaten retailers about carrying the competition, which is illegal in much of the west. Constant fear campaigns have been run about foreign labels running out on you, making your product unrepairable or otherwise unsupported. Nintendo was slapped on the wrist, or some would say rewarded for these practices in the 80s, being forced to give $5 coupons to all registered NES owners for threatening retailers about carrying Sega products with delayed shipments and mysterious product shortages that mostly seemed to affect people who displeased them.

The issue is far more that consoles are dying in Japan, and Japanese people are creatures of habit. You have to give them a reason to change their habits with huge tangible benefits. Since the Xbox One has none, and it's best tricks aren't popular in Japan, they have no reason to do so.

They can give the console away, with purchase of a few games, and thry still wouldn't care that much. Consoles are pretty much dead in Japan, as is anything that isn't mobile or a tablet. Personal educated guess: being in the Japanese market is far more about saving face for Japanese developers (and Microsoft Japan) than it is about selling consoles and games. The fact they can walk into Yodobashi Camera and point at thr shelf and there's an Xbox One is far more important than anyone walking out the door with them. Japanese people are very tangible, hands on people, and perception is way more important than reality
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