Destiny wins Best Game at 2015 BAFTAs

David Braben honoured with BAFTA Fellowship

Bungie's Destiny has been crowned the best game of 2015 at tonight's British Academy Games Awards. It's the fourth BAFTA win for the studio, but the first outside its Halo franchise.

David Braben OBE, Frontier Developments boss and the creator of the Elite franchise, received the Games Fellowship, an honour he shares with the likes of Rockstar Games, Gabe Newell and Peter Molyneux OBE.

The full list of winners is below.

  • Best Game: Destiny (Bungie)
  • Games Fellowship: David Braben
  • Artistic Achievement: Lumino City (State of Play Games)
  • Game Innovation: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (The Astronauts)
  • Audio Achievement: Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly)
  • Mobile & Handheld: Monument Valley (Ustwo)
  • Multiplayer: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard)
  • Music: Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft Montreal - Cliff Martinez, Tony Gronick, Jerome Angelot)
  • Original IP: Valiant Hearts (Ubisoft Montpellier - Yoan Fanise, Paul Tumelaire, Simon Choquet)
  • Performer: Ashley Johnson (Ellie, The Last of Us: Left Behind)
  • Game Design: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Monolith Productions)
  • Story: The Last of Us: Left Behind (Naughty Dog - Neil Druckmann)
  • Family: Minecraft Console Editions (Mojang)
  • Sport: OlliOlli (Roll7 - John Ribbins, Simon Bennett, Tom Hegarty)
  • Persistent Game: League of Legends (Riot Games)
  • Debut Game: Never Alone (Upper One Games)
  • British Game: Monument Valley (Ustwo)
  • Ones to Watch: Chambara (Overly Kinetic)

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Latest comments (3)

Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany6 years ago
As a regular player of Destiny, I must say that I strongly disagree with that award.
Game aimed to be a big and expanded lore, aimed to have a great and rich story, aimed to adapt the model of "game as service" to a retail product and aimed to have solid gunfight mechanics. The last one is the only thing in which undoubtedly met (and even surpassed) expectations.

Sounds like a rant but it's not. Destiny has been improving a lot since it was released last September but still has a lot of things to fix. I don't think the tittle has earned this price (yet)
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Pete Thompson Editor 6 years ago
I loved Destiny when it released, well for a couple of months until the boredom of the grind combined with getting returned to orbit due to server issues, obvious lack of story and poor replay-ability made me look elsewhere for my gaming entertainment pleasures.I don't even think I've played Destiny since completing the 20 (45 minute long) DLC the same day it was released.

Games such as Dragons Age Inquisition, GTAV & GTA Online, CoD Advanced Warfare, Warframe, FarCry 4, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation and Assassins Creed Unity (bugs and all) are infinitely better games and more worthy of best game than Destiny.
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Chris Payne Managing Director & Founder, Quantum Soup Studios6 years ago
I feel bad that I had to abstain from the final vote for Best Game because I hadn't played all of them :(

There's definitely issues with the games voting process - to vote for this year's Best Game candidates you would need to own a Wii U, PC gaming rig, iOS device, AND Xbox One. I only have two of those and my games PC is too old to run Alien Isolation or Shadow of Mordor. Destiny was released on 360 but only the XBOne version was provided to voters. Voting on games requires not only a massive investment of time to properly evaluate them, it requires thousands of pounds of hardware, on top of the pricey BAFTA membership fees. This makes the pool of voters very small indeed.

I'd love to know how many votes were actually cast for Destiny to win. I suspect it might not even be triple figures.
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