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Joystiq likely to be shut down - Report

AOL "house-cleaning" of content division could result in gaming site's closure

The gaming media is ready to take another hit, as AOL-owned blog Joystiq appears set for closure. Re/code cited "numerous sources" with the news that the gaming blog would be shut down in the coming weeks as part of an AOL "house-cleaning" for its various content properties.

That put Joystiq news content director Alexander Sliwinski in the odd position of reporting on rumors of his own site's closure, something he did with the help of unidentified staffers.

"Sources tell Joystiq that the staff is aware of the closure, but corporate hasn't officially told them, so they are unable to acknowledge anything out of concern that it will cause immediate shutdown," Sliwinski wrote. "We've reached out for more information. We will update, as we always have, when we know more."

The news is the latest in a series of recent closures and layoffs for the online gaming media. Last year saw layoffs at GameSpot, Polygon, Machinima, and Future (which closed Official Nintendo Magazine and CVG), and 2015 got off to a similar start with Defy Media last week announcing layoffs across all of its gaming websites, including The Escapist, GameFront, and Game Trailers.

Joystiq was launched in 2004 as part of the Weblogs network of sites that also included Engadget and TV Squad. AOL purchased the network in October of 2005. The Joystiq staff page lists 13 editorial employees.

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Latest comments (4)

David Lee Chief Concepticator, Concepticate6 years ago
Hard times in the games media business--wish all the staff well.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 6 years ago
Ugh. The downside to these big mergers and what happens when the juice gets all squeezed out of otherwise talented folks. But I guess it's time for more independent smaller sites to step in with fresher (and non-SEO driven mega-hit counter style writing) takes on things. Er, that's not a pompous self-plug, by the way... ;D
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Jordan Lund Columnist 6 years ago
I always thought it odd how Joystiq and Kotaku pretty much copied each other the same way that Engadget and Gizmodo copied each other. Sometimes down to the same headlines and images. Sad to see people out of work though.
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Farhang Namdar Lead Game Designer Larian Studios 6 years ago
@ Jordan

Usually the writing staff consists of freelance writers who write their articles on contract basis. So its ok for them to submit an article to multiple websites if their contract allows it.
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