Peter Moore calls out Twitter for permitting harassment

EA exec calls bans "nonsense" after receiving repeated abuse from same user

As one of the most outward-facing executives of the company, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore receives a lot of feedback on Twitter, some of it good, some bad, and some ugly. A recent spate of tweets in that last category prompted Moore to report a user to Twitter, only to be told that the posts in question didn't violate the social network's rules of conduct.

"Hope your wife gets raped," a user listed as xbox_gamer87 with the profile name "Robertclarke" said to Moore in a recent tweet. The same user followed that up with more, tweeting "hurry up and die old man ur ruining video games. The day u die is the day I throw a street party," and then "u scum I hate u and everything related to u.. I hope u ur wife kids family all die then there's nothing left of u."

Moore reported the comments, only to be told by Twitter support that "We've investigated the account and reported Tweets for violent threats and abusive behavior, and have found that it's currently not violating the Twitter Rules."

Moore then posted about "the nonsense of Twitter bans," showing a picture of an earlier abusive tweet from a now-suspended account under the name Rob Clarke. That tweet was directed at Moore and said, "hope your wife get wife gets raped by Muslims .. You've ruined FIFA your a disgrace".

As of this writing, Twitter had not responded to a request for comment.

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Latest comments (20)

Paul Johnson Managing Director / Lead code monkey, Rubicon Development3 years ago
Does it actually count as harrasment if it's not written in a recognisable language? Twitter probably did try to read that stuff but couldn't interpret it!!

Some sort of age gate would probably deal with pretty much all of this drivel.

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Darren Adams Managing Director, ChaosTrend3 years ago
Some people are just assholes and no amount of education will ever change that. Peter (like many others) has seen how idiotic* individuals can be when let free on the internet, but it is almost impossible to keep them from abusing people. Is it Twitters fault? Of course not if they haven't broken rules you signed up for when you made a twitter account.

Sure Peter, it sucks that idiots are giving you grief on Twitter, but I think when your products touch the lives of so many people, there will always be some who get really sour over little changes they don't approve of. Insane? Yes it is.

*It is really hard keeping track of which phrases/words are accepted these days, things change so fast!

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Robert Ilott Build & CM Engineer, Criterion Games3 years ago
The trouble with age gates is that they don't tend to gate anything. Facebook has an age gate of 13, but that means sod all to the under 13's.

I reckon age gates only really work when, as part of that gate, you're required to pay some sort of membership or subscription. Then people seem to see it as a proper contract and actually consider what they're signing up for more.
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Doug McFarlane Co-Owner, KodeSource3 years ago
Technically, they weren't 'threatening'. They were just 'hoping'. But really - don't allow these comments to get under you skin. You are feeding these trolls exactly what they want. The worst thing to you should have been "your a disgrace"! Arg!
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Tim Browne Game Studio Design Director, King.com3 years ago
It's very easy to say 'don't let it get under your skin', however in practice after a sustained campaign against you it's not quite so simple.
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Jens Mogensen Game Reviewer, Geek Culture3 years ago
The real question here is if threatening someone and their family isn't against Twitter's code of conduct... what is?

I really can't think of any conduct being more offensive than saying "I hope your wife gets raped".
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Alex Comer Games Developer 3 years ago
"Peter Moore is ruining video games" is an opinion.

"Peter Moore, you are ruining video games" is still an opinion, but now it's directed at the individual. A sustained campaign of this could constitute harassment, but a one off comment probably would not.

"Hurry up and die. I hope your wife gets raped" is pure abuse. Nobody has the right to be abusive, and social networks should have zero tolerance for it.
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Carrie Fowler Global Talent Acquisition, Electronic Arts3 years ago
You don’t see many executives out there responding to comments and engaging directly with consumers like Peter Moore does. I hate that incidents like this could potentially discourage other executives from putting themselves out there on social media. I love that Peter is such an active voice for EA on twitter and in other industry forums, and I hope people recognize what a unique benefit this is for the gaming community.
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Darren Adams Managing Director, ChaosTrend3 years ago
"Hurry up and die. I hope your wife gets raped" is pure abuse. Nobody has the right to be abusive, and social networks should have zero tolerance for it.
Sure, I agree abuse like that shouldn't be tolerated, but it is up to Twitter where the lines are drawn and maybe they should have done something, but then again if they feel it is 'fair game' then what are your options?

Boycott Twitter? Reasonable action but cuts you off from your customers. Complain to Twitter? If you think it will help go for it, but if they don't do anything then there isn't much else you can do apart from block the user.

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Adam Acuo Investment Banking 3 years ago
These comments are horrible but I don't want Twitter jumping in to the fray to censor users' comments. There needs to be a line of course - and that line should be legality, if the statement is legal it should not be tampered with. If this guy's comments don't cross that threshold from a legal perspective, then I don't want Twitter to get involved. Twitter positions itself as a medium - it doesn't have nor want to have moderators reviewing comments. Peter Moore gets some attention because of his prominence - I'm sure that there are (unfortunately) hundreds of thousands of similar comments made every day that are directed toward people less prominent than Mr. Moore as well. Having said that - I think that Twitter has the 'right' to censor its services in what ever way it wants - but I would be more inclined to boycott it if it were to become involved in needless censorship than if it leaves the rest of us to fend for ourselves and to rally around those that are being targeted.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Adam Acuo on 10th December 2014 8:44pm

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Carlos Brandão Director, Game Rental3 years ago
This is a tremendous absurd, we are in the 21st century and global tools like Twitter allow this type of content to go live!? Is not there any filter for profanity and vulgar language in it??? Peter Moore did so much for gaming industry and was president of the SEGA at Dreamcast days...

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Carlos Brandão on 10th December 2014 10:19pm

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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 3 years ago
I applaud Peter Moore for trying to hold a large company to its own terms and conditions. A quixotic pursuit of integrity in the face of utter chaos.

See also:
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Andrew Watson Tools Programmer 3 years ago
There is no way to make a filter that people won't just work around by replacing letters with various symbols and whatnot
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany3 years ago
@Paul: A mental age gate would be wonderful. Although that would most likely ruin twitter due to low registrations.
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Alfonso Sexto Lead Tester, Ubisoft Germany3 years ago
"Peter Moore, you are ruining video games"

Actually, I think that is disgusting people like that abuser the ones that ruin games the most. Specially online. Also: much respect for Peter's patience; that is something worth mentioning.
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Andreia Quinta Photographer, Studio52 London3 years ago
Hmm. Regarding if he (read EA) is "ruining video games", I would just have to pull a "of course, but maybe" from Louis C.K. on that one.
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Sean Kauppinen Founder & CEO, IDEA3 years ago
Here's an interesting test. Tweet those same comments to the Twitter management team's personal accounts and see if it's considered harassment. I would bet they would deal with it swiftly.

Twitter needs to take some responsibility in curbing violent hate speech, or at least adding the option to block people from writing to you in any way if you feel they are someone you don't want to hear from. If you shut off a troll's microphone, they have no audience.
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Peter Moore Chief Operating Officer, Electronic Arts3 years ago
Andreia, your anti-EA rhetoric over the years has been nothing but prolific, predictable and consistent. I have not once bitten to respond or defend my colleagues, as you are entitled to your opinion. In this instance however, quoting someone who has wished rape and death upon my family to further that agenda, is a line crossed. For shame...
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Andreia Quinta Photographer, Studio52 London3 years ago
My sincere apologies, that does seem out of line, obviously I don't want to be in the same bucket as whoever made those abusive and unjustified comments to your twitter. Don't take my comments on EA to seriously, I type my mind without a second thought too often ;)

(I think it was the Mass Effect 3 ending that did it for me, sorry, no hard feelings)
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Adam Jordan Community Management/Moderation 3 years ago
Edit: just read through this and noticed it might sound confusing so will edit later since my break at work is finishing. Yay night shifts

Actually Tim, it is...well I wouldn't say it's easy but as someone that has worked for EA within the community management circuit, I have seen, heard and had threats against me that no one should ever get.

It doesn't bother me though, I can shrug it off and smile at the person because I know it will annoy them, however if done to anyone else...say a community member, then that person will get the full wrath of me.

The problem is, today's society is wrapped up in protection. When I was a kid, I was bullied, I got into fights and I went to teachers about it. They did nothing, so I went to my parents, they went to the teachers and nothing happened. So my dad taught me boxing and my mum told me to only defend myself as a last resort, always try to walk away first.

I tried but instead of fighting, I mocked the bully, I used sarcasm and soon I was his best friend.

My point is not that bullying should be allowed but that it is a part of life that can toughen you up. It's how I got into community management.

Of course prople using rape as threats or saying people should die, reslly should be shot to be honest but sadly there are nasty people in this world, just like there are selfish people

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Adam Jordan on 15th December 2014 2:30am

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